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Our 12-week course is designed to help you and your partner develop a deeper understanding of each other, build stronger communication skills, and learn how to work together as a team to achieve goals. Through a series of interactive lessons and exercises, you’ll explore important topics such as trust, respect, conflict resolution, and goal setting. If you remain committed and steadfast to this transformative journey, by the end of our course, you will have strengthened the foundation of your relationship and deepened your connection like never before.

Course Content

Navigating Partnership 2-Day Seminar
Transformation Mentoring Culture is offering a free transformative class for married couples. This class will equip you with practical tools to navigate boundaries, enhance empathy, and cultivate trust in relationship interactions Apostle Hodge & Pastor Linda will be your coaches on the journey downloading wisdom in the areas of - Effective Boundary - Enhanced Empathy = Building Trust - Tackling Challenges and so much more.

  • Navigating Partnership Part 1
  • Navigating Partnership Part 2
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Week 1: God’s Divine Plan for Your Marriage
We are kicking off our first lesson of the course! And we will start it out by going to God's word and asking God how does he see your marriage.

Week 2: Principles of Relationship
In this lesson we will explore topics such as respect, honor and definitive roles.

Week 3: Face the Present Reality
It's time to get real power couples!! In this lesson we are going to face some unpleasant facts about marriage.

Week 4: Agree to Agree
At the heart of conflict is always disagreement. Agreement is the way a husband and wife become one flesh.

Week 5: Husbands and Wives Roles
This week we are asking "how are you going to look like Jesus in your marriage?"

Week 6: Boundaries
A boundary is a clue to others about how to treat you. This lesson will explore the importance of boundaries and how to establish safe ones.

Week 7: Tell the Truth Keep No Secrets
A vital part of being faithful, is being trustworthy. If you don't have trust, which is the foundation of relationships, you don't have one.

Week 8: Never Stop Fighting
Forgiveness is so important, because marriage involves two imperfect people. We must be mindful of what we do that is in error and how we respond to mistakes being made.

Week 9: Diffuse Your Anger

Week 10: Pray With Expectation

Week 11: Build Your Friendship

Week 12: Resolving Conflict in the Bedroom

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