Dr. Fred L Hodge

Live a Life with Purpose

Transformational Leader, Teacher, Author

Dr. Hodge has inspired multitudes to exceed their own expectations by taking the limits off their lives. He is a transformational leader, who affects adjustments in individuals. His ability to identify the needed change creates a vision to build that change through inspiration. His practical relevant teaching style is what ignites listeners from all walks of life to move from stagnation to “taking action”. He is an accomplished author and has spent over 35 years of his life both edifying and equipping individuals to live in their purpose and become who they were created to be.

Linda G. Hodge

It is Within You

Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach,

Linda is a successful entrepreneur, author, and conference speaker. She has created and produced conferences, seminars, and extreme makeovers designed to equip, support, and empower women to live in their divine destiny. Linda is a certified coach, assisting women in breaking free from procrastination by identifying road-black and negative thought patterns. She helps them to see possibilities to their life by setting goals  and organizing their priorities. She helps develop their strengths so that they can live the productive life they deserve. Her personal testimony gives credence to the notion that there exists a restoration plan for all those who have been broken, hurt,  displaced, or abused. Linda is a firm believer that what is within you is greater than anything that is in your surroundings.

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