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Winning In Life

How to Bounce Back from Adversity

The revelation and reality of today’s challenges, chaos, and confusion are presented throughout the chapters, with an unwavering assurance that God will be there to help you through. The book is packed with inspirational messages, and successful stories, that at one time looked to be completely hopeless situations.


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Books by Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge

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The Access Point: Biblical Principles Behind Receiving the Miraculous
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Overcoming the Voice of Condemnation

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Discover the secrets to success with “The Way to Success,” the highly anticipated educational book by Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge. This inspiring book tells the captivating success story of Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge and provides practical strategies and insights to help readers achieve their own goals. From overcoming challenges and setbacks to identifying and pursuing one’s purpose, this book offers a roadmap for success in all areas of life. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply seeking to improve your personal and professional growth, “The Way to Success” is a must-read. Pre-order your copy today and get ready to take the first step towards a successful future!