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By Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge

Seasoned public speakers and life coaches who offer a range of benefits to those seeking to improve their personal and professional lives

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One on One Coaching Sessions

Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge provide a personalized life coaching experience.

Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge provide a holistic and personalized life coaching experience that empowers clients to transform their lives and achieve their full potential.

They leverage their extensive experience as transformational leaders, teachers, authors, motivational speakers, and certified life coaches, as well as their unique strengths and expertise to help clients identify their purpose, set meaningful goals, develop a growth mindset, and take action towards their desired outcomes.

Our One-on-One Sessions start at $350 per hour. Set up a session today. (See below)

Just Some of Our Sessions

Values Alignment

Values alignment is essential to feeling at peace with your life, with your goals, your workplace, and your personal relationships. If you are struggling with finding your footing in life, we will focus on self-awareness by identifying skill sets, your interests, and your strengths and weaknesses to help you plant your feet on solid ground and find your way to an enriching life.

$150 / per hour


We will work collaboratively to identify any patterns or behaviors that may be impacting your relationships and develop strategies to help you improve your relationships and achieve your goals. The coaching process is designed to be supported non-judge, mental and confidential, and we work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

$150 / per hour


When progressing towards an important goal, we have all been discouraged by an obstacle. During these times, it is so important that you are armed with strategies to effectively overcome the obstacle and mitigate the defeat it causes. We are here to help!

$150 / per hour

Habit Formation

We develop habits through repetition and once stress or conflict is added, we tend to do whatever is easiest and/or convenient. Let us help you make a clear plan on how to reverse these habits by creating a blueprint to actively implement new habits.

$150 / per hour

Time Management

Is your lack of time management affecting your ability to achieve your goals? We will work together to identify challenges you may have in managing your time effectively and develop strategies to help you improve your time management skills.

$150 / per hour

Conflict and Stress Management

We will first start by identifying the sources of conflict or stress in your life, and explore how these situations impact your overall well-being. Then we will develop practical strategies to help you manage these situations more effectively.

$150 / per hour

It’s important to note that in some cases, a coaching session may require more than one session to achieve your desired outcomes. Depending on the complexity of your situation, it may take several sessions to develop and implement effective strategies for achieving your goal. During your initial session, we will work together to gain a better understanding of your situation and develop an action plan for moving forward. If additional sessions are recommended, it will be because we believe they will be beneficial in helping you achieve your desired outcomes. However, the decision to purchase additional coaching sessions is entirely up to you. You are under no obligation to purchase additional sessions beyond your initial session, if you do not wish to do so. Please note however, that we do not guarantee that your desired outcomes will be achieved if additional coaching sessions are not pursued.

Book Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge

Booking The Hodges

Are you looking for inspiring and transformative speakers for your next event? Look no further than Dr. Fred L Hodge and Linda G. Hodge! Dr. Hodge is a seasoned leader, teacher, and author who has spent over 35 years helping individuals live with purpose and become who they were created to be. With his practical and relevant teaching style, Dr. Hodge has inspired multitudes to exceed their own expectations and take the limits off their lives.

Linda G. Hodge is a motivational speaker, author, and life coach who has dedicated her life to empowering women to live in their divine destiny. As a successful entrepreneur and certified coach, Linda helps women break free from procrastination and negative thought patterns to live the productive life they deserve. Her personal testimony gives credence to the notion that there exists a restoration plan for all those who have been broken, hurt, displaced, or abused.

Together, Dr. Fred L Hodge and Linda G. Hodge are a dynamic duo that will inspire and motivate your audience to take action and live their best lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to book them for your next speaking engagement!

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